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Whether engaged in designing, teaching, writing, speaking, or conducting workshops. Cassandra consistently demonstrates a keen attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.






Cassandra attended Liberty University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Educational Leadership. After receiving her bachelor's degree, Cassandra has worked with many companies listing, from Ace Hardware to Girls Scouts of Connecticut.


While working with design clients, Cassandra has had the privilege of leading numerous workshops on design and marketing for both children and adults. She has effectively unlocked her students' potential in these workshops by providing practical tools, clarity, and confidence. Now, Cassandra is on a mission to inspire children to think expansively, see themselves as solutions, and make a positive impact. Utilizing her recent book "ABCs of Design," she seeks to ignite creativity in children. Recognizing that every child possesses innate imagination and creativity with the potential for innovation, Cassandra aims to nurture and cultivate these qualities.

Through her affirmation, "I am a solution, I have a big mind, and I am God's gift to the earth," Cassandra endeavors to instill a profound belief in every individual she encounters. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone she meets embraces this empowering perspective at their core.

Popular Topics Include:

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Youth Encouragement
& Empowerment 

Graphic Design + Marketing

the Life
you Want

"Think Tank"

  1. Youth Encouragement & Empowerment 

  2. Graphic Design + Marketing

  3. Creatingthe Lifeyou Want

  4. "Think Tank"

  5. Faith Discussions

Joey K.

Cassandras' "Think Tank" activity helped me to gain clarity about the direction of my brand.

Recent Client and Projects Include:

  1. Youth Encouragement & Empowerment 

  2. Graphic Design + Marketing

  3. Creatingthe Lifeyou Want

  4. "Think Tank"

  5. Faith Discussions



Alex M.

Cassandra is a fantastic designer who was able to execute the ideas I shared with her for my project. Highly recommend!


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