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We have limited seats, so you don't want to delay in securing seats for your little ones (5-10 years old)


Secure Your Little Ones Seat

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to join Ms. C in her graphic design class 

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See your little ones in class

Our sessions will be held from July 1-3, starting at 10:00 AM  each day and each session will be 60 minutes.




July 1-3, 2024

10 AM EDT - 11 AM EDT

Whats Included?

1. 3 LIVE demonstration sessions in Figma, showing your child how to design their own icons.

2. Access To the Design Elementary community on Facebook to stay connected with other parents of creative children.

3. Access to the replays that will be available for up to a week after the event.

Your Investment in your child



Perfect, if your child is :

1. CREATIVE: They enjoy drawing, painting, or crafting and have a vivid imagination.

2. TECH-SAVY: They are comfortable using computers, tablets, or other digital devices.

3. EXPRESSIVE: They have ideas they want to communicate visually. — They draw on your walls.

4. INNOVATIVE: They like to experiment and try new things, and they are not afraid to make mistakes.

5. CURIOUS: They are eager to learn new skills and explore different ways of creating art.

3. PROBLEM-SOLIVING: They like to figure out how things work and enjoy solving visual and spatial puzzles.

All they need is access to a laptop/computer, access to internet, and a Figma account that is FREE!

I'm excited to teach your little one! 

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