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Hands-on    Creative.

Cassandra Hamer is an enthusiast of creativity and passionate about making a lasting impact through intentional living.


Cassandra Hamer is on a
mission to help millions of people create the life they want by seeing themselves as solutions.

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Introduce your child to design basics with the "ABCs of Design" book, featuring captivating illustrations and simple instructions for an easy introduction to visual communication.

#1 Childrens Book

on Graphic Design

Contact Cassandra if you are interested in a bulk order!

I look forward to partnering with more forward-thinking companies to create refined, impactful, and inspiring brand experiences.

I enjoy facilitating workshops as well. 


My goal isn't just to create visually appealing graphics, but it is to create intentional pieces that solve the questions of your audience. 

Introduce your child to the exciting world of design with Design Elementary! Our fun and interactive lessons will teach your child valuable skills in graphic design, including how to use design software, experiment with colors and fonts, and create unique designs.

Whether you're seeking intentional design solutions, wanting to book a service,  or just say "Hello"  I'm here to connect. 



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Solution Orientated, Strategic Impact

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